Nurungji Chips

Korean snack with a savory crunch!

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Nurungji Chips

These crunchy and savory chips are made simply with brown rice and gluten-free ingredients you can find in your kitchen. They are perfect for snacking alone to enjoy the delicate savory flavors, or for pairing with your favorite cheese or dipping sauces.


What is Nurungji?

Nurungji is a scorched rice snack from Korea. When rice is cooked, the rice at the bottom of the pot becomes crispy. This delicious crispy rice has been enjoyed as a snack since tigers used to smoke —such a nostalgic treat.

Our Story

Tiger & Pipe

All good stories start with “back when tigers used to smoke…”. Korean folklore was the main inspiration of Tiger & Pipe, and to honor the lore, we aspire to bridge folklore, cultures and innovation through food.
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Our Ethos

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    Reinventing the flavors we crave from our nostalgia.

  • 신토불이 🌱

    Shintoburi: honoring Mother Earth 🌎 because our body and soil are not separate but one.

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    Made with love for cultures and our communities.