Chapter 1: How it All Started

Chapter 1: How it All Started

Is there such a thing as too much garlic? I think not – the more, the better. To be honest, I have some rather unpleasant memories associated with garlic. Surprisingly, despite the traumatic experience, I still find garlic delicious. This is the story of how my reputation for a bad temper began and how Korea, as a country, originated.

Long ago, back in the days when tigers were allowed to smoke, a bear named Ungnyeo and I ventured to meet a god. Our fervent desire was to become human, so we begged gods to transform us. Gods proposed a challenge: if we secluded ourselves in a dark cave and ate solely garlic and mugwort for a grueling 100 days, our wish might be granted.

Now, I'm recounting this tale as a tiger, so you've guessed it, I didn't become a human. I barely lasted a week in the cave. But that relentless bear! She endured those 100 days of garlic and mugwort, transforming into a woman. She married the god and gave birth to DanGun, the first ruler of Korea. Quite the overachiever, she not only became human but also birthed the founder of Korea.

The dark cave didn't deter me, but the prospect of garlic and mugwort for a hundred days was daunting! You must realize: unlike the omnivorous bear, I'm a voracious carnivore. While I love garlic and mugwort, I can't live on them alone for days on end. Despite this situation, you'd think I'd sworn off garlic forever, but I can't just banish it from my life! It's truly divine. Yes, it carries memories that haunt me; yes, I feel a pang of envy for the bear's transformation. Yet, garlic itself has done no wrong.

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