Our Story

"Back when tigers used to smoke..."

The idea behind the name Tiger & Pipe came from the phrase: “back in the days when tigers used to smoke”. In Korea, good stories don't start with "long, long time ago", but start with "back in the days when tigers used to smoke". While the exact origins of this phrase remain unknown, one interpretation suggests that the tiger, symbolizing power, represents a king who indulged in opium smoking, causing all kinds of troubles. 

The Storyteller

👋 Hi, I'm Yegyu! Growing up in Korea, I cherished the folktales my grandparents used to tell me, vividly remembering these captivating stories from the era when tigers used to smoke. Inspired by these cultural narratives, I founded Tiger & Pipe, aiming to share tales of diverse cultures alongside our signature Nurungji Chips. After all, what better way to enjoy a good story than with a delicious snack?

Nurungji Chips

Every time my mom made rice, my brother and I couldn’t wait for the nurungji at the bottom of the pot. We loved the crispy texture and savory flavors of caramelized rice, which I still LOVE. We would often munch these crispy rice, much like Tiger & Pipe's nurungji chips, or brew it into tea or porridge. After months and months of tinkering in my kitchen, I've finally perfected the texture and flavors, and I'm thrilled you've discovered us here!