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Tiger & Pipe

MiiR® Vacuum-Insulated Bottle - 23 Oz

MiiR® Vacuum-Insulated Bottle - 23 Oz

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Keepin' It Cool, Keepin' It Hot

MiiR® Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Bottle - 23 Oz

Why did we choose this water bottle for our merch? Well, let's keep it simple – we're head over heels for it. First off, it's all about being eco-friendly – this reusable bottle helps us kick plastic to the curb. Plus, thanks to its vacuum-insulation magic, your drinks stay seriously frosty or delightfully toasty.

But wait, there's more! The sleek and slender design means no more accidental water acrobatics – no spills here! And guess what? You get to show off our spirit animal, Iyagi the Tiger, as you sip like an absolute champ! 🐯💦

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